Our Courses

Game Development

It is an introductory level course that will help kids to create and publish their first game on Roblox.com

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Python Programming

Python is a powerful, expressive programming language that’s easy to learn and fun to use!

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Introduction to HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to help the kids develop and host their own site

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Why Coding Champs?

We value your hard-earned money and time, therefore our goal is to provide the best quality of service on a limited budget to make education affordable and accessible for all.

Kid's Learning & Growth

To ensure kids' learning and growth we give them homework after each class.

1:1 Classes

Some kids learn at their own pace, therefore, we provide private 1:1 classes for better learning and understanding.

Indiviual Attention

To give individual attention to all of our students, we keep our group class limited to 3-4 kids.

Book Meeting with Teachers

Book a meeting with the Teacher to get direct feedback on your kid's progress.

Lowest Price

We offer the Lowest Price to make learning affordable to everyone.

Siblings Discount

Get $50 off as a sibling discount because learning is better when together.

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